The ideal base for your latex mattress

Naturatex Slats

The Flexi PostureSlat Base interacts with your latex mattress and contours to your body to enhance the comfort of your latex mattress. It also incorporates custom firmness adjustments in the lumber and hip zone for each sleep partner

 S 91 x 190cm, 36" x 75"
 QS 76 x 203cm, 30" x 80"
 LS 91 x 203cm, 36" x 80"
 KS 107 x 203cm, 42" x 80"
 DB 137 x 190cm, 54" x 75"
 Q 152 x 203cm, 60" x 80"
 K 183 x 203cm, 72" x 80"

Base Options

Our adjustable base FITS ANY SLAT BED / BED FRAME including yours! Available in all Australian sizes (including custom sizes).

  • Adjustable PostureSlat Base

    PostureSlat Base

    The adjustable PostureSlat base comes in all Australian sizes and is guaranteed to fit any slat bed frame or even be used on its own by bolting on choice of steel or timber legs directly on the base and is compatible with our upholstered surrounds.

  • Static PostureSlat Base

    PostureSlat Base

    The metal static PostureSlat base can be used with any slat bedframe or its own by bolting on choice of steel or timber legs directly on the base and is compatible with our upholstered surrounds.

  • Upholstered Platform Ensemble Base

    Upholstered Platform
    Ensemble Base

    The upholstered platform ensemble base is your alternative if you do not want to use a slat bed frame. It can be upholstered in a choice of colours, in micro suede fabric or an exclusive range of designer Zepel fabrics.

    The base also comes with a range of designer legs in timber or stainless steel and can be combines with various headboards available in stone.

Choice of Surrounds

  • Half Height Surround

    Half Height Surround

    These bolt-on panels (available in upholstered fabric or timber) are a very cost effective alternative to a slat bed frame as they simply bolt onto the existing adjustable or PostureSlat base.

  • Full Height Surround

    Full Height Surround

    The bolt-on full height surround, when bolted onto the Adjustable Base, transforms the entire space underneath the bed into a cavernous storage area which is accessed by simply activating the head and/or the foot lift of the base.

  • Slat Bed Frame

    Slat Bed Frame

    You can use our adjustable and static metal PostureSlat bases with any existing slat bed frame, by simply replacing the existing rigid slats with our bases. Our PostureSlat bases come with optional height adjustable legs to cater to the height of any bedframe.

Additional information

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